The Famine Game

Solve to Survive

September 27–29, 2013

The Capitol
Washington, District of Columbia

Tributes Selected

The Capitol is pleased to announce the 24 teams selected as tribute for this year’s Famine Game! We were quite overwhelmed by the quality and creativity of the many applications we received, and while it was heartbreaking to have to deny any teams the glory of the arena, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the 24 teams we have selected to represent their districts.

For those of you who missed the live broadcast of the Reaping Ceremony, you can find a video recording of the announcement as well as a full list of this year’s tribute teams at the Tributes page.

We also invite all citizens to test their wit with the Mental Evaluation portion of the application, now open to the public at the Archive page.

June 20, 2013

Applications Open


In accordance with Capitol law, it is our obligation to inform you that the tribute volunteer process has officially begun. Please visit the Apply page for more information.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor,

The Gamemakers

Pre-Registration Census

As you are likely aware, as per accordance with Pangram Law, the Capitol is required to conduct an annual census to estimate this year’s pool of eligible tributes. While we cannot enforce or require that you comply with this procedure, we would greatly appreciate your participation and hope it will make this year’s Reaping go much more smoothly.

Along those lines, we can also announce that we expect to begin the Reaping process in early May. Eligible tributes will have approximately a month to complete the various administrative tasks traditionally involved with this exciting procedure.

Finally, additional info regarding tributes who aren’t affiliated with a team has been posted to the About section.

April 11, 2013

New Look, More Details

Thanks to the artistic vision of Capitol resident Cinna, our website has undergone a fiery transformation! We hope you like the new look. We’ve also released more information about the Game, which can found under the About tab. Exciting times, indeed!

In coming updates, we’ll provide more information on how to volunteer as a tribute.

Famine Game Announced

It’s official! The 75th Annual Famine Game will be in the Capitol over the weekend of September 27-29th. Here’s the text of the letter that we recently sent to all eligible tributes:

Citizens of Pangram,

You may be aware that this fall will be the 75th Annual Famine Game, and you are among the pool of possible tributes. As we like to do something special every Quarter Quell, we are excited to announce that for this year’s Famine Game, we will be selecting TEAMS of tributes instead of 24 individuals. We feel this change will result in the most exciting and thrilling Famine Game to date.

Specific information about the event, such as how to volunteer to be a tribute, will be released in the coming weeks.

Rejoice in the glory of our fair nation, and peace be to all!

Gamemaker Headquarters

The Capitol, Pangram

We also released the official domain of this year’s event:

And we’ve set up pages on Twitter at and Facebook at

February 1, 2013