Teams arrived at the Masonic Memorial and were handed a small "replica" memorial of Legos. This puzzle can be solved online by viewing the photos of the structure.


George Washington Masonic Memorial
101 Callahan Dr, Alexandria, VA 22301

Teams were directed to this location with the following in-app flavor text:

Oh no! The career teams have spotted the smoke from your fire too and are headed your way. You need to run! Head south along the river to help conceal your tracks and find a place to hide. Maybe amongst those old stone ruins you can see in the distance.

Flavor Text

This puzzle was presented with the following in-app flavor text:

Look out! Bostucky Plugh was lying in ambush, waiting for you to approach the crumbling ruins. If you can understand the layout of this arrangement of bricks, then maybe you can gain some sort of advantage.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:


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    Thinking about this thematic location might actually help you solve this puzzle.

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    To decipher the columns, you need to use an appropriate cipher (one which you might know by another name).

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    This puzzle uses the Free Mason or Pigpen cipher. But it does so in a way that isn't immediately apparent from eye level. Also, there are multiple versions of this cipher. Use the one starting with two tic-tac-toe grids.

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    Each level is a Free Mason encoding when viewed from above.

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    To see your final answer, re-encode the first letters of the flavor text using the same mechanism. Drawing it on paper might be easier than actually building it.


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Post-Solve Video

Upon solving this puzzle, teams were shown the following video:


  • Jack Reda