This was one of the cereal minipuzzles.


7214 Richmond Highway Alexandria, VA 22306-2843

Teams were directed to this location with the following in-app flavor text:

There's only one major alliance of three teams left. They've been hoarding a big cache of grain. If you destroy their supplies, they'll be weak and disoriented enough that they shouldn't prove too much of a challenge.

Flavor Text

This puzzle was presented with the following in-app flavor text:

This is the Honeycomb mini-puzzle.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:


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    This puzzle involves the 9 cards labeled Useless Knowledge Quest!

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    What's another word for Useless Knowledge? How about Quest?

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    These look like cards from a very familiar trivia game, but it's certainly hard to identify what category each question belongs to!

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    Each question deals falls into multiple categories from the original Trivial Pursuit game. Can you match the questions to the colored circles on one of the Honeycomb pieces?

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    Every answer should have the same number of letters. It's not a coincidence that the honeycomb pieces have the same number of holes, too.

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    Try putting each answer into the holes, working clockwise. But where to start?

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    Match the categories of a particular question with a honeycomb piece using the colored circles. Write your six-letter answer into the holes starting at the black dot.


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  • Todd Etter