The Clock


Instead of victory celebration, teams were told they had entered a second arena, which contained twelve rooms laid out in a clock pattern. Each room contained a different environmental puzzle. Teams had 15 minutes to solve a given puzzle at which point if unsuccessful, they had to leave that room and proceed to the next. After solving a certain amount of puzzles, they then received the metapuzzle which would help them break of out the arena.


GW Community School
9001 Braddock Rd Springfield, VA 22151

Teams were directed to this location with the following in-app flavor text:

You're overwhelmed with relief as a whirlwind of thoughts rush through your head. Your family, your friends. You finally get to return to them.

Strange that they haven't sent a transport yet. . .

Flavor Text

This puzzle was presented with the following in-app flavor text:

It was a lie. A big damn lie. There was never going to be a winning team.

As your eyes adjust to your new surroundings, you can see spread out around you, twelve distinct areas coming off of the central hub where you are currently standing. You're not sure what new horrors await you, but your only hope now is to trust Haymitch and try to get through this together.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:


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    The hint clock has now started for this puzzle.

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    Each answer should be entered radially, terminating with a shared letter E in the center of the clock. To find your thematic pairs, look in three concentric rings. For the clues on the dead tributes hands, all you need are the answers (which all have the same length). The rest of that sheet is just for thematic flavor.

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    How could these pairs of words be related? Hurry up, time is ticking.

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    Each pair either relates to hour, minute or second. But we're still not going to hand you the answer.

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    Each of the three-letter answers dictates a specific configuration of the clock's hands. And you don’t need to calculate the times or use any code sheets.

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    To make your eight-letter answer, position the hands of a clock to point at the specific letters in your 3-letter answers. For example, for TLC, put the hour hand on the T, the minute hand on the L, and the second hand on the C. These make letter shapes which will help you escape this horrible place.


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    free time


  • Ian Tullis and Todd Etter