Avox Training


Teams were led into a conference room where they were greeted by an Avox. He instructed the teams that they had to play a game of Catch Phrase in which the clue giver had to have his tongue wedged into a clothespin making it extremely different to form consonants.


Motley Fool, Part Three
2000 Duke Street. Alexandria, VA 22314

Teams were directed to this location with the following in-app flavor text:

Return to the administrator's desk. Apparently there's someone who would like to meet you.

Flavor Text

This puzzle was presented with the following in-app flavor text:

Often times the revolution needs to send agents into the Capitol undercover.  As part of your training, you will need to spend some time as an Avox.  Don't worry, we aren't actually going to take your tongue, but it's important that you understand what life as an Avox is like so that you can properly imitate one if it becomes necessary.


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  • Activity - Todd Etter
  • Avox - David Forrest