This was another pod puzzle.


U.S. Capitol, East of Reflecting Pool
Washington, DC

Teams were directed to this location with the following in-app flavor text:

Along with your fellow Resistance members, you cautiously march towards the Capitol, readily aware that at any moment, another pod many spring up and take out your squad.

Flavor Text

This puzzle was presented with the following in-app flavor text:

Oh no, you've heard of these before. While not meant to be lethal, this particular pod is still very dangerous. Known to cause eye strain, finger cramps, Avox-like symptoms at the dinner table, and a severe drop in productivity, these pods were deployed to great effect during the first revolution. Be careful.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:


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    You're making nine groups of related apps (by their names or parts of their names). The information in the notepad is a hint to the type of group being formed.

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    These groups aren't quite complete, are they?

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    Each group is missing one member. Use the ordering in the notepad to spell out your final answer.


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    dvd burner


  • Todd Etter