Pod of Distracting Noise


This was another pod puzzle.


U.S. Capitol, West Lawn, Part Two
Washington, DC

Teams were directed to this location with the following in-app flavor text:

As you continue to approach the Capitol building, you are joined by more and more members of the Resistance. Still you must proceed with caution, as pods have been known to wipe out thousands in an instant.

Flavor Text

This puzzle was presented with the following in-app flavor text:

From behind a tree you hear the sound of metal scraping against metal, a spine-chilling screech, and an incredibly loud boom. Something horrible is coming.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:


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    The beginnings are a good place to start.

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    You'll obtain five messages from this text, in each case taking one letter from each line. Each message will lead you to the next.

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    Is that last message really sending you back to the start, or is there another way to apply it?

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    The first letters of the five messages themselves spell out the answer word.


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  • Ian Tullis