This Year’s Famine Game Tributes

Thanks to all of you who applied. We really appreciate all the time and energy you put forth in your applications. — The Gamemakers

District 1 – Luxury

Team Snout

Portland OR, SF Bay Area, Norfolk, UK

The Hunger Dames

Los Angeles CA

District 2 – Masonry

Bostucky Plugh

Kentucky, New Jersey, and Massachusetts

The Puzzle Underground

Portland OR

District 3 – Technology


SF Bay Area

Death From Above

Boston MA

District 4 – Fishing

Mystic Katfish

SF Bay Area, Sacramento CA,

Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

Boston MA

District 5 – Power

Apetitius Giganticus

Boston MA, Las Vegas NV, Providence RI,

San Fran CA, Seattle WA

Occam’s Unicorn

SF Bay Area

District 6 – Transportation

Briny Deep

Seattle WA

The Burninators

Palo Alto CA

District 7 – Lumber

League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen (LXP)


District Ubik

Washington DC, Nashville TN, San Francisco CA

District 8 – Textiles

Silly Jefes

Seattle WA, New York, Virginia, North Carolina


San Francisco CA, Chicago IL, Seattle WA

District 9 – Grain

Revolution #9


Disobedient Children

SF Bay Area and beyond

District 10 – Livestock


Seattle WA

Golden SmokingJay

San Francisco CA, East Bay CA, Los Angeles CA

District 11 – Agriculture


SF Bay Area

Here Be Dragons

Seattle WA, Washington DC, San Francisco CA

District 12 – Mining

12 Hangry Nerds

South Bay CA and Seattle WA

Coeds on Fire

SF Bay Area